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Sketch Artist In Delhi-The pencil was discovered in 1954. To make it, the graphite was first cut in the shape of the sheet and then used to mould it into a rounded rod. After this, to make a pencil, the rounded rod fit into a wooden circular mold. Before the middle of the 15th century, only the artist used to use pencils. The word pencil is derived from Latin 'penicillus', which means, small tail.

What Does Pencil Teach Us

If you believe that God has created pencil as well as all things, then you know what they will teach before keeping the pencil in your box. We say, they tell the pencil five things and say that they never forget them, always remember, then you will become the best pencil in the world. These are the words:

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1. You have the ability to do many things, but only when you will let yourself be in the hands of a human.
2. People will peel from time to time to sharpen you, it will also cause pain to you, but you will have to endure this pain because you will be able to become a good pencil by using it.
3. If ever you make a mistake then you will have the power to fix it.
4. Your most important thing (black rod) will be inside you
5. In the place you will be written, you will leave your marks. What are the circumstances, it will not matter, instead of what it is written to you, it will count? So keep on writing continuously

Pencil made these things about God in his mind and since then he works according to these things.
Now you see yourself keeping the pencil in place. If you will remember only those things, which God is from a pencil, then you too will be the best person in the world. These things will be almost the same for you-

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